Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Rudy began his fitness journey in the garage with his father, learning the basics of weightlifting. Pretty soon after, Rudy entered the world of martial arts which included Tae Kwon Do, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Overnight, Rudy fell in love with martial arts and became dedicated to discovering ways of improving his performance in the training room and competition.
In addition to martial arts, Rudy acted as an assistant grappling coach during his youth and later expanded over to the personal training realm to further his knowledge. Apart from being an avid competitor, Rudy’s goal is to help others realize the potential of their body and mind. He believes that a solid challenge brings forth your finest abilities.
Grappling Lessons with solo drill variations and supplements     $70 per session
Personal Training     $65 per session
Footage Breakdown and commentary     $65 per session


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