Seth Goss

15 Years Personal Training and Nutrition experience
B.S. Kinesiology
Seth began his physical fitness journey at the age of 13, lifting weights first in his own garage and then at a local gym. He was originally educated by his uncle, Steve Speyrer (, a natural bodybuilding champion that taught him the old school basics. This sparked his interest in the gaining knowledge of the human body. Seth attended Occidental College in Los Angeles from 2004-2008 gaining a B.S. in Kinesiology. It was during this time that he began personal training both at 24hr Fitness and at his college. He focused mostly on sports performance as he played baseball for the Oxy Tigers and taught speed and agility camps after practice.
After college, Seth worked at a large corporate gym before taking his business independent. It was during this time that he became obsessed with nutrition, as most of his regular clients needed fat loss. He believes that nutrition is the most important aspect of physical fitness and it is what a personal trainer cannot control. By coaching his personal training clients in their eating habits, he became increasing successful in changing body compositions.
Seth started his career in the sport of bodybuilding by coaching figure competitors. In 2011, he met Vanessa Naesheim and things started to fall into place. The two had a very successful coach/athlete relationship highlighted by a 2012 NPC Nationals 3rd place in figure and an overall victory in physique at the 2015 NPC Emerald Cup. They began working together in 2013, building a following and moving to the state of Washington in 2015.

Vanessa Naesheim

  12 Years Experience
   Minor in Psychology
   ACE, NCSF Certified
Vanessa began her personal fitness journey in 2008 after moving to WA from Norway. She loved pushing her body with weights but didn’t know how to implement the nutrition aspect of it until much later. She linked up with a local bodybuilder who hired her as a personal trainer in 2009 and that’s when she started prepping for her first NPC Figure competition. Now, after 8 years of coaching she feels she’s finally found her calling.
She works with people all over the states along side her partner, Seth Goss and enjoys being able to help individuals reach various types of fitness goals through nutrition and exercise.
“Nutrition is the key to your dream body, all you need is patience and consistency” 
2010 Tanji Johnson Natural Classic, 3rd Figure D class
2012 Emerald Cup 1st & Overall Champion Figure D class
2012 NPC Nationals 3rd Figure D class
2015 Emerald Cup 1st & Overall WPD Champion
2015 Emerald Cup 1st & Overall WPD Champion
2016 NPC Nationals Women’s Physique Class C Winner & Overall Champion
2018 Vancouver Pro 5th Place